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Free Rohingya Campaign (FRC)'s signature campaign in Oregon State , USA

Free Rohingya Campaign organized signature campaign to be sent to US state Department to urge US government to engage actively to stop ethnic cleansing and Genocide of Rohingya at Arakan Burma. Five thousand signatures are expected to be collected from ten Islamic centers in Oregon State. 

Muslim communities in Oregon are very touch by the plight of Rohingya and vow to work together with Free Rohingya campaign and Oregon Rohingya Society until permanent solution is achieved and Rohingya are on longer vulnerable for genocide. 

Portland Muslim communities will organized a big rally together with Burma taskforce USA at September 22 as part of 100 cities rally to show solidarity with the persecuted Rohingya in Burma. 

All ten Islamic centers will have exhibition about Rohingya for three days concurrently until Sunday September 16,2012.

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