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Rohingya Muslim killed in Buthidaung jail

Buthidaung, Arakan State: A Rohingya Muslim was killed in tortured by the concerned authorities in jail of Buthidaung on September 11, said a businessman on condition of anonymity. 

“He was arrested from Maungdaw Township by the Nasaka personnel over allegation two years ago.” 

The dead body was identified as Moulvi Mohammed Rafique son of Gul Mohamed, hailed from Gudu Sora of Maungdaw Township, Arakan State, Burma. 

According to a reliable source, Rafique had completed his jail term over two years in the Buthidaung jail. 

The source also said, he was severely tortured and beaten up furiously by the concerned authorities in the jail after occurred communal violence between Rakhines and Rohingyas. There were some spots in the dead body’s face and whole body. 

Like Rafique, many Rohingya Muslim prisoners were severely tortured and killed by the concerned authorities and buried without knowledge of their relatives during the communal violence, different sources said. 

However, the dead body was not handed over to his family members by the Burmese authority, but he was buried in a Rohingya cemetery nearby Buthidaung jail, a villager elder told at Kaladanpress. 

The prisoners are now languishing in the critical condition. They are suffering from food, medical assistance and etc. They can’t bathe every day, but they can bathe once in a week and the water is very limited. The prisoners are provided food with Dal very imperfect twice a day, but no curry and no breakfast. So, many prisoners are suffering of skin diseases and food in the jail, said a man not to mention his name. 

The man also said, the Rohingya prisoners had been severely tortured and beaten up by the concerned authorities since a month after arrest in communal violence. During the torturing, the concerned authorities ask, how to feel “Bangli Kala”? They (prisoners) could not talk with each other inside the jail before. Now, they can talk little bit with other there. 

According to police and Hluntin from Maungdaw Township, about 450 prisoners are detained in the jail since (June the riot was occurred in Maungdaw. However, according to SBTO, of Buthidaung, over 880 prisoners are detained in the jail. 

The situation of Maungdaw: 

On September 16 at about 2:00 am, a group of Nasaka personnel (Burma’s border security force) from 3-mile went to Khanda Para (village tract) of Maungdaw township and arrested three Rohingyas from the houses, said a villager. 

The arrested were identified as Younus son of Abdul Karim, Abdul Latif son of Abdur Rahim and Kasim, they belong to Khanda Para village of Maungdaw township, Arakan state, Burma. 

They were arrested by the Nasaka personnel at night without giving any reason. The Nasaka personnel also destroyed Younus’s house. 

According to sources, Nasaka personnel’s’ intention was to loot houses and rape women, but they failed. So, they were arrested by the Nasaka personnel. Now, they are detained in the Nasaka camp in 3-mile. 

Sources also said, many Rohingya Muslims have been arbitrary arrested and harassed by the Nasaka personnel, Hluntin and police over allegation, but the persecution is not stopped after US team and the Foreign Minister of Turkey visited in Arakan State, Burma. The persecution is increasing and the situation is worse day by day.

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