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Wake-Up Call Support & Join Humanitarian Flotilla To Arakan Now

"We are calling the Ummah and all peace loving people of the world to please contribute to sponsor this flotilla. This would be a translation of the people's commitment around the world to tell the Myanmar regime that the genocide must be halted immediately , access to Arakan must be allowed , perpetrators must be brought to justice, and rights of the Rohingya must be restored", (Azmi Abdul Hamid,Chief De Mission)

We start to open LIMITED participation based on ship accomondation (200pax):
-30 NGO (Malaysia/Asean)
-70 NGO (International)
-80 (Media)
-20 (Flotilla Secretariat)

Ship will also carry 300tons@6 contena Humanitarian Aid to Arakan.
Estimated date will be very next month(publish soon)
Estimated Mission Time Frame (2weeks)
Estimated Cost (RM3,500/USD1,125) per pax including Food.

Welcome On Board to all humanitarian activist & Media.
Detail of the Flotilla will be publish soon.

Please pre-reserve the seat earlier by contact us at :
+ Send your Full Name/Photo/Organization@ Personal Detail.

(Please click 'join' for those who seriously interested to join)

  1. well. may the life of all participants of humanitarian flotilla to Arakan may prolong. heartfelt thanks from innocent rohingya muslims who are under severe oppression since many decades by Myanmar government.please come forward the rest who yet not join in this is terribly necessary to save the rohingya victims who cannot have their food daily one time full within restricted areas from government.

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