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IBA urged to use diplomatic pressure to stop abuses

ISLAMABAD - Islamabad Bar Association (IBA) passed on Saturday a resolution unanimously to condemn Myanmar Muslims’ massacre here at Islamabad District Court (IDC).

In the meeting, the legal fraternity condemned the brutalities of Myanmar government against Muslim community and appealed the Muslim countries including Pakistan to build up diplomatic pressure on Myanmar to stop its atrocities on Muslim population and protect their fundamental human rights on immediate basis. President Islamabad District Court Bar Association (IDCBA) Syed Javed Akbar Shah Mashhadi chaired the meeting and informed that 700,000 muslims were living in Myanmar and on monthly basis, Myanmar government murdered 20,000 innocent Muslims without any logical reasons.

He stated that on this heinous crime, UN as well as national and international media had become a silent spectator. There were no one who could raise its voice against brutal murderers of Myanmar muslim people. Speaking on the occasion, IDCBA General Secretary Chaudhry Muhammad Ayyub Arbab Gujjar apprised the lawyers community that in recent riots of Myanmar 30,000 muslims had been slaughtered, 10,000 had been missing, 5,000 muslim women had been raped and moreover, 17 Muslim towns had been set on fire.
He said in dismay that this was a shameful act for all human being on the globe and the International Bar Association had to take a serious notice of it and above all provide its helping hands to ease tension between Muslims and Buddhists of Myanmar. In the end, the lawyers also decided to raise funds for financial support of victimised Muslims lying at the borders of Myanmar and Bangladesh because they were in dire need of it.

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