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Body of a Rohingya Teenage Boy with Slit Throat Found in Buthidaung

RB News
September 25, 2018

Buthidaung — A body of a Rohingya teenage boy with slit throat was found close to a small river nearby 'Kyauk Phyu Taung' village Buthidaung Township on Monday (Sept 24) early morning.

The dead boy has been identified as 18-year-old Mohammed Hussain from the said village. He was believed to have been killed by two Rakhine Buddhist extremists with whom he had gone along to a mechnical workshop earlier at night.

"Around 9:15 pm on September 23, two Rakhines were on frog and crab hunting in the village of Kyauk Phyu Taung. Then, they came to the small grocery shop of 'Mohammed Hussain, 18, s/o Abdur Rahman alias Naagu' where they usually buy things from. As they were leaving the shop after buying cigarettes and chewing betels, their motorcycle broke down and sought help from the shop-owner, Mohammed Hussain, in order to help them find a mechanical workshop in the village (to repair the motorcycle). And so, Mohammed Hussain handed the shop over to his father and younger brother and went along with the two Rakhine men. When it was late night, thinking he would come back soon, his father and brother left for home for sleep.

"In the morning, at around 5 am on Sept 24, the same two Rakhine men reported to the village administration that they found a dead body lying nearby a creek. When the village administrator and some villagers went to see it, they found it was the dead body of Mohammed Hussain who had earlier at night gone with them (the Rakhine men)" explained a villager of 'Kyauk Phyu Taung' to RB News.

After the dead body was found, the village administrator reported to the nearest military battalion 378, who in turn reported to the BGP (Border Guard Police) Station based in 'Taung Bazaar', northern Buthidaung. The BGP sent the body to hospital for post mortem and the hospital discharged body in the afternoon. The body subsequently given funeral at around 4:30 pm.

The Rakhine men are said to be currently detained in the BGP Camp of No. 3 Commandment Area for investigations.

"The Rakhine residents from Quarter (4) and Quarter (5) in the downtown of Buthidaung often encroach into the house premises of local Rohingyas in the downtown and surrounding villages late at night under the pretext of frog gigging; and steal properties and belongings from the houses. 

"They carry lethal weapons such as Daggers Swords and Spears with them and encroach into the premises of the Rohingya residences in the Curfew hours at night. Though the authorities are well aware of it, they don't take any action," said a local Rohingya resident of the downtown of Buthidaung.

[Reported by MYARF; Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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