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Visible Unkindness at the UN session

Rohingya refugees arrive to the Bangladeshi side of the Naf river after crossing the border from Myanmar, in Palang Khali, Bangladesh October 16, 2017. (Photo: Reuters/Jorge Silva)

Min Khant
RB Opinion
November 20, 2017

After the Second World War II, the United Nations was formed for the peace, security, and welfare of the human beings to avoid the third world war that can be more destructive for human being whilst possibly the highest battering while the third world warring rival nations are prosperous of more explosively powerful with chemical, ballistic and nuclear arsenal. 

Since the establishment of the United Nations after the WW II, the relevant global complicated troubles and the bias issues have been seen as unsettled and unanswered because of the veto power wielding nations at the top table of United Nations Security Council at last. 

However, it could not and cannot achieve all the relevant issues of the world in accord the United Nations chatter, the UN supports, and encourages for the matters of unsolved world affairs very carefully in the manner of peaceful ways as much possible as it can to avoid the widespread wars among the nations and between the factional groups.

Right now, more than 190 nations of the world are the member nations of the United Nations as THE BIG HUMAN BEING FAMILY to gather at the single location to see its fellow human beings’ wellbeing and nightmares at the same time. Regarding being oppressed, suppressed, and victimized Rohingyas people, who have been residing in north Rakhine state since time immemorial, have been persecuted, terrorized and recently driven out from their locations by Myanmar military forces with the coordinative efforts of noble laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to Bangladesh since 9 October 2016, particularly 26 August 2017. 

In conscious people’ understanding, people nations of the world from south to north, west to east, small to big, weak to powerful in economic and military might well understood after seeing the nightmarish scenarios of Rohingyas people who have been totally perished in their lives and properties by Myanmar military merciless crackdown. That outlandish and unbearable catastrophic of the Rohingyas’ in heavy rainy season have unavoidably forced them to leave to the safe place, to Bangladesh. 

If such the miniature mobile shot, scenarios by the ordinary and uneducated absconders to Bangladesh would have been surprising & galvanizing to the people of the global communities to bring the issue to the United Nations Security Council to discuss several times with a month. 

Then, it is ripe time to think impartially by the world people who are still in negative view over Rohingyas that how much more details about Myanmar regime’s destructions may have been exposed by the world investigation team and international media, which have been denied by Myanmar authorities to their constant demands of unhindered access to the localities. 

Myanmar military forces and the publicly elected democratic government, led by Aung San Suu Kyi have been afraid of being exposed the atrocities they have committed crimes against innocent people. In addition, ever since they want to hide behind the atrocities they have committed, “saying the international investigation and world media coverage would not help support to the harmonious living side by side between Rohingyas Muslims and Rakhine Buddhist communities in Rakhine state.” 

Do you people of the world satisfy to the justification of the government of Myanmar to the above-mentioned inconsiderable, negligible, and careless excuse to the world to cleanse the innocent Rohingyas and to veil their heinous annihilation to the fellow human being, Rohingyas?

Rohingyas have been the nationals of Myanmar and it is undeniable. Rohingyas are the fellow citizens of ASEAN at large. Casting vote in Third Committee: 72nd session in The United Nations ‘situation in Human rights in Myanmar’, majority of ASEAN nations have voted in favor of Myanmar who is the brutal regime and the butcher according to crimes committed against the Rohingyas people. 

Those ASEAN neighboring countries are “The Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, voted to the favor of Myanmar, butcher; Thailand has abstained from voting”. Seeing these ASEAN fellow nations, they not only wanted to tarnish they relations they have already had with Brutal Myanmar and to continue to maintain the sisterly relations with it and its military leaders for the opportunity of economic beings but also they don’t have the good merciful hearts to show the humanity to the fellow ASEAN Rohingyas nationalities who are Muslims in faith. They are most aggressive collective nations

The most powerful and super power nations such as Republic of China and the Russian Federations are at always-weird nations, which will at all times remain in favor of Myanmar regime to shield Myanmar from USA and its allied EU nations, which have been the most challenging human rights countries for all people of the world. 

The World second most populous nation, INDIA, and the world third largest economic might JAPAN have chosen the abstention in the event, they simply having senseless to choose the right path WHETHER should they possibly favor ROHINGYA who the most persecuted human beings or THE MYANMAR regime, which earns the nastiest name in the world arena for its violation of Human rights. Ultimately, both INDIA and JAPAN have chosen the abstention position while they want to keep faces of both ROHINGYA, brutalized and Myanmar regime, the Killer. 

In reality, after having seen all the Rohingyas bizarre scenarios in the hand of Myanmar brutal military crackdown on the most persecuted Rohingya people, countries of the world from all regions should have to stand, to have solved the issues unanimously, by the victimized Rohingyas people than cruel, injustice and heartless Myanmar military. 

What is wrong with those nations? Please stand only by the sufferers, ROHINGYAS.

WHETHER THEY chose in favor of Myanmar military regime and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s public puppet regime OR stayed away from voting as abstention, both categories of the nation’s attitude are “THEY have chosen the side of OPPRESSOR in the event of VICTIMISED ROHINGYAS and MYANMAR REGIME, the ANNIHILATOR

They showed no HUMANITY at ALL in the VILLAGE of human but they chose the SLAUGTER who has been annihilating the innocent ROHINGYAS.

Do Show Humanity in FUTURE, as ROHINGYA are dire need of THE WORLD’s unanimous approval to settle this outstanding issue, which has been remained unsolved for many decades.

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