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Seven Rohingyas From Maungdaw Closely Shot To Death By Myanmar Army, One Among Them Was Just 13 Years Old

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October 10, 2016

Maungdaw, Arakan -- In Myo Thu Gyi village tract, Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State, millitary personnel took seven innocent Rohingyas from their home and shot to death at close range. 

On October 10th, 2016, at 5am, military forces surrounded the hamlets of Ywa Haung and Saung Pyaing Nya in Myo Thi Gyi village tract. The villagers were trapped, locked up inside of their respective homes. Meanwhile, when some villagers tried to gaze out at the situation, the millitary saw them and raided their homes. 

They were all shot to death at close range after taking out them out to a nearby place. Among them, one Rohingya boy was just 13 years in age. His elder and him was shot together. 

At noon, 12 pm, the bodies were picked up by the military and taken away in their car. 

The names of the 7 Rohingyas whom were shot to death are as follows: 

(1) Mohammed Ayas, son of Kamaal -- 13 years 
(2) Mohammed Husson, son of Kamaal -- 20 years 
(3) Mozu, son of Abdul Munaf -- 30 years 
(4) Nezam Uddin @ Dormin Daar, son of Ayas -- 35 years, were from Ywa Haung hamlet and 

(1) Nuru, son of Nazeer Ahmed 
(2) Nagu, son of Kadeer 
(3) ---, son of Younus --18 years, from Saung Pyaing Nya hamlet, Myo Thi Gyi village tract. 

Myo Thu Gyi is a village tract located approximately 6 miles away from where there was an attack on the 9th of October. 

It is a very inhumane crime of Myanmar millitary personals shooting so-closely 7 innocent Rohingyas to death. 

Despite giving a protective hand for the civilians when there is an attack is the responsibility of government, but the current practice of local authorities in Maungdaw is awfully terrifying . Now, it's the Rohingya community waiting for the angel of death, even as they are being in the peak of helplessness.

Report contributed by MYARF.

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