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How Long Tonight Would Last More?

How Long Tonight Would Last More?

Mayyu Ali (MYARF)
RB Poem
April 3, 2016

One's night is a day for another.
And one's day is a night for other. 
Has anyone on the earth ever seen a new day without crossing that night? 
Indeed, the night is a mother of our future! 
And in mine... 
A full-moon in lunar eclipse A dim light as well, with zero-watt 
Not because it's well-sorted 
But because it's well-filtered In a quite surely select and drag. 
Thus, my night is full ornament of miseries, at all... 
No breeze after the storm. 
No soft rain after the thunders. 
No down-fall after the flood. 
No brigade after the fire. 
No tranquility after the exposure. 
And no peace even the lives later. 
Though a lots have endured on within my night... 
Is not it to dawn yet, even then? 
Oh! My doom... 
When would the sun rise on me? 
How long tonight would last more?

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