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Rakhine Extremists Tried To Attack Rohingyas In Aung Mingalar Quarter In Sittwe

An estimated 4,250 Rohingya live in the Aung Mingalar ghetto in Sittwe, segregated from their Rakhine neighbors. Police officers and barricades mark the boundaries; many of the ghetto residents referred to it as an “open prison.” —Courtesy of Paula Bronstein Getty Images Reportage for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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September 22, 2015

Sittwe, Arakan – A group of Rakhine extremists tried to enter Aung Mingalar quarter in Sittwe to attack the Rohingyas yesterday at 11 pm local time.

The Rakhine extremist group was stopped by the security forces at the gate of the quarter. But the group argued to enter. However, the army officers arrived and arrested them while they are quarreling with the security forces, according to a resident of Aung Mingalar quarter. 

The army officers asked the Rohingyas to take the responsibilities as sentry guards rotationally. 

As the elections in Myanmar will be held on November 8th and the political parties started the election campaign since the last two weeks. The chair of opposition party, National League for Democracy, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has announced that she will be travelling to Arakan State for election campaign. Since her travel plan has made announcement, the situation in Arakan State became abnormal. The Rakhine hardliner politicians do not want opposition party or the ruling party in Arakan State. 

Aung Mingalar quarter is only a Rohingya quarter in Sittwe town. In June 2012 about 10,000 people lived there but later people fled to refugee camps and some fled to Malaysia and Thailand. As of now about 4,000 people remain.

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