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Some reasons, Rohingyas to be boatloads people

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Min Khant
RB Opinion
July 1, 2015

After a decade of Burma's independence in 1948 from The Great Britain, the multi-colored armed insurgencies have erupted in every corner of the country while the unanimous "Panlong agreement" which largely intends the power sharing between the dominant power of Burmese and multi-indigenous ethnic groups were not respected and blatantly neglected by the Burmese. 

The Indigenous Rohingyas, having the awareness of the country's turmoil political situation, they also have had unavoidably to hold an armed insurgency against the central government of Burma for their basic citizenship rights. 

Since that time onwards, the dishonest and immoral Buddhist Burmese people and that of the respective governing regime have adopted the unjust policies to eradicate the Muslims Rohingyas people from their ancestral land. Since 1950 to up 1992, within nearly half a century, there had been more than eighteen operations, and all had been simply to expel the Rohingyas from their land, which resulting the destruction of many more villages, and the continuing extinction of innocent Rohingyas people. 

Since then, because of those 'targeted ethnic cleansing military operations' against the Rohingyas people by regime after regime, the desperate and utterly helpless Rohingyas have been fleeing to wherever they could in disarray. As a result, it is grossly estimated that half an overall Rohingyas population are, right now, residing in nations across the world such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Thailand, Malaysia, China, India, Indonesia, Australia, Japan and a few in Europe as stateless diasporas. 

As per the earliest inner government master plan to outline the Indigenous Rohingyas as recent immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh, the then Ne Win regime had drafted the Citizenship Act, in 1982, which has principally and purposely wished-for Rohingyas people to make aliens and then later on to be disenfranchising on every single citizenship right in their ancestral land, Arakan state.

In 1988, whilst the then Socialist Program Party has been forced to end the ruling mechanism and faced with challenging hardships to run the state affairs, the military has got of the state power and formed cent per cent military regime to govern the state. 

Until 1990-91, Rohingyas people from Rakhine state, more or less, have had opportunities to travel from Rakhine state to Yangon proper in purpose of education, medical treatments and livelihoods by way of lesser restrictions with the regional authorities.

Soon after the start of military ruling, Rakhine state was the prime target of junta to accomplish the preplanned secret tactics of Ne Win's regime to restrict the movement of Rohingyas from one village to another, one township to another; to stop peaceful pursuance of education in colleges, vocational education and training, professional universities; to control livelihoods, servants in state departments, seasonal commerce with in localities in traditional supplies, the access of farmlands, forest-findings, sea water for traditional fishing; to limit medical treatments whereas there are better medical facilities; to thwart traditional marriages and ........ all in all, imposition of overall social devastating hardships over the Rohingyas shoulders, which could have been impossible to bear as human being, have been inhumanely imposed by the cruel military regimes such as SLORC, SPDC and right now quasi-military governments to wipe out the Rohingyas' existence in their ancestral land by the might of determined total militarism.

Rohingyas, after being suffered a prolonging nightmare of military regimes in Rakhine state, they have no other way except to leave and run away in avoid of the oppression and containment of the respective government agents in the regions. 

What we have seen the worst one-sided gust by Rakhine Buddhists on Rohingyas along the history was the 2012 violence, and which has been an all time important successful factor for central and local government to ‘box in' an entire innocent Rohingyas people in Rakhine state. As a matter of fact, the last exterminating massacre, the year 2012, was joyfully condoned by the central government and was intended to total jeopardy of innocent Rohingyas at these very eyes of international community. 

After the birth of the 2012 violence along Rakhine state by the visible state sponsored communal destruction on helpless innocent Rohingyas and gravely imposed restriction by the authorities in sectors such as..." on free flow of edible commodities into IDPs by international donors; inappropriate medical health care in IDP squalid camps; indecent sanitation in IDPs; lack of first-rate education in IDPs; hopeless livelihoods in IDPs; lacks of hygienic existing and clean water supply in IDPs; largely depression in social security where Rohingyas are residing in the rest townships along Rakhine state; no more fruitful and durable hope in harmonious society efforts by the government; procrastination of emerging peaceful co-existence and frequent fragile community trust-building and mutual misunderstanding to live side by side between Rohingyas and Rakhine community etc".... have been the gravely primary sources for the Rohingyas escapees to be on boatloads exodus from their ancestral land to wandering along the sea and land routes towards the wishful destinations of South East Asian countries as well as the west.

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