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Rohingya Refugee At Nayapara Camp Shot Dead By Police

(Photo: Al Jazeera America)

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March 15, 2015

Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh -- A clash at Nayapara Refugee Camp between a group of Refugees and Anser Battalion and police on Sunday, the 15th of March. The clash happened when a group of Anser battalion and police led by the Camp-in-Charge entered the camp and tried to arrest a man, Sadek Hossain 24 years old from the I block of the Refugee Camp. 

Upon hearing news of his arrest, Sadek Hossain's relatives went to try to plead for his release at the junction point from I block. The Anser Battalion and police refused their pleas, and a scuffle broke where Sadek Hossain's relatives tried to take him from police. 

It was then that the police and Anser battalions started shooting at the group of Refugees. Reports from witnesses say members of the Battalion shot a total of 6 bullets from rifles. They fired twice upward as warning shots and then 4 times towards the group of men. 2 people were injured including a child. One man succumbed to his injuries after being shot by blank fire by the Anser battalion and police. Abdul Hafez 32 years, received 3 rifle bullets to his abdomen. The people were only permitted to take him hospital after an hour had passed and they tried to rush him to the IPD of Nayapara camp. He was then referred to Cox's Bazar Sadar hospital where the doctors pronounced him dead. His body was then sent to the morgue for autopsy. 

The Police, Anser Battalion and BGB have since been seen roaming the camp sprodicaly and beating the innocent Refugees, whom ever gets in their way. As news spreads through the camp many stay inside their sheds as to not draw unwanted attention to themselves. There were reports that the authorities are spreading news that the murder was committed by refugees and that they had no involvement. 

At this present time it is not known why they had earlier wanted to arrest Sadek Hossain.

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