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Rakhine Extremists Who Entered Villages To Attack Rohingyas Caught By Villagers

(Photo: One of the extremists caught in Doe Dan village tract)

RB News
March 16, 2014 

Maungdaw, Arakan – Some Rakhine extremists entered into villages in northern Maungdaw Township of Arakan State and were caught by the villagers. 

Today at 7:30 pm local time four Rakhine extremists entered into Doe Dan village tract, East hamlet in northern Maungdaw Township while holding swords. The Rohingya villagers in the hamlet caught two of them, but the other two ran into the nipa plam field and escaped. The men caught by the villagers are under custody of village administrator and will be handed over to police soon. 

Similarly, yesterday morning at 1:15 am a group of five Rakhine extremists entered into Sabai Gone village tract. The members of village administration saw them and caught two of the extremists. The other three managed to escape from the village. The two extremists who were apprehended were handed over the police outpost in Longdon by the village administrator. 

The police confiscated the swords and mobile phones from the two Rakhine extremists caught in Sabai Gone.

(Photo: One of the extremists caught in Doe Dan village tract)

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