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38 Innocent Rohingyas Arrested Without Reason By Police In Maungdaw

RB News 
September 6, 2013 

Maungdaw, Arakan – Daily mass arrests and harassment have been continuing in Maungdaw Township of Arakan State since last month. 38 innocent Rohingyas were arrested by police on the night of September 4th. 

More than 100 Hlun Htaine police and 50 Rakhine extremists have been raiding houses in the villages every night. Many Rohingya men are escaping at night to avoid being arrested and harassed. The groups of police and Rakhine extremists have been trying to rape the Rohingya women. They are harassing the women if the Rohingya men are not at home. 

On September 4th, at around 11 pm, the police arrested 12 Rohingyas from Myoma Kayin Tan village tract, 20 Rohingyas from Pyin Pyu village of Northern Maungdaw and 6 Rohingya youths who are around 18 years old, from Aley Than Kyaw village. They were arrested without reason. Last week, 12 Rohingyas from quarter no. (5) were arrested. 10 were released after paying 50,000 kyats in extortion, per person. 

“Now every night they are arresting the innocent Rohingyas without any reason. They are looting the valuable properties from the houses and are arresting whoever raises any question. They beat the arrestees at the police station and demand 300,000 to 500,000 for their release. They are just arresting the people to extort the money. Now Rohingya men dare not to sleep at home. And the police and Rakhine extremists are harassing the Rohingya women in the absence of the men.” a Rohingya told RB News

Although these unlawful acts have been happening for many years, the central government never tries to stop the local authorities, nor take any action against the atrocities committed against Rohingyas. The local authorities are committing the crimes against humanity in the region just because the central government is letting it happen. The Rohingyas are suffering more and more day by day.

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