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Rohingya man from Sittwe was arrested for sharing photos on Facebook

Facebooker Than Shwe

RB News 
August 13, 2013

Sittwe, Arakan – An Innocent Facebooker from Sittwe was arrested by Hlun Htaine police at 5:30 am this morning. This according to the victim’s relative.

The arrested is Than Shwe, a Rohingya youth who lives in the Bumay quarter. He was arrested by Hlun Htaine police for sharing photos of recent attacks on Rohingyas by police on a Facebook account. 

In fear of authorities, most Rohingya from Sittwe do not use their own photo as profile picture or use their real name. 

Than Shwe didn’t use his own name, he has published his own photo as profile picture.

In Arakan State, the authorities frequently scrutinize the activities of every individual. Than Shwe has never engaged in any political activity nor anything else related to politics. He has a two year old daughter and wife, and has been struggling in his life very much since after violence broke out in Sittwe last year. It seems apparent that authorities were able to target him because his profile picture on Facebook revealed his actual face. 

This morning at 5:30 am, the Hlun Htaine police forced open the door to his home and then beat him before they removing him from his home. His family and relatives still do not know his whereabouts since the time of arrest. A local tried to contact the police station to inquire if Than Shwe had arrived, but was informed that he hasn’t reached the police station since the time of arrest, approximately three hours later. His family and relatives are very worried and in fear he will be killed by Hlun Htaine police somewhere unknown.

The UN Special Rappoteur Mr Tomas Quintana is in Sittwe since yesterday and today will be visiting the refugee camps. Although the human rights observer is in the region, the authorities have not refrained from arresting innocent Rohingyas.

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