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IDPs in Aung Mingalar, Sittwe forced to move to designated camps by authorities

Aung Mingalar Quarter in Sittwe

RB News 
August 23, 2013

Sittwe, Arakan – Rohingya IDPs who have been staying in Aung Mingalar quarter in the Sittwe Township in Arakan State, have been ordered to move to designated refugee camps by the local authorities. They will have to move from Aung Mingalar without prior notice. 

After violence broke out in Sittwe, 301 Rohingya families IDPs from Kyaung Gyi Lane, Ka The and Kone Dan fled to the Aung Mingalar quarter to escape life in refugee camps. Most of them are living at their relatives houses in the Aung Mingalar quarter. Today the authorities ordered them to move to the UN registered refugee camps in Ohn Daw Gyi, Say Ta Mar Gyi and Baw Du Pha. The locals said more than 1500 IDPs will be moving forcibly. 

“They lost all of their properties during the violence in 2012. However they didn’t move to refugee camps as they don’t like to stay there. All of them are living in their relatives’ houses in Aung Mingalar. Now the leader of Aung Mingalar quarter, U Shwe Hla is collecting the names of those IDPs and they will have to move tomorrow morning at 9 am although they are flatly denying to move from here.” a Rohingya from Aung Mingalar quarter told RB News.

Another Rohingya from Aung Mingalar said “It is declared with some official document by the Chief Minister. There are nearly 1500 registered Rohingya IDPs in Aung Mingalar up to now. And the IDPs are guess that they will be placed in Say Ta Ma Gyi camps but it is not confirmed which camps they have to go. Some are refusing peacefully saying to the village leaders that they won’t go there even the authorities stop the ration for them.”

“The authorities are threatening that they will not provide the ration any more if the IDPs do not move to the camps. Although they are not getting much ration, they will be helpless if the ration stops as everyone in Aung Mingalar has no earning at all since last year.” the Rohingya man continued.

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