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The Rohingya ethnic group has a history in Arakan State back from the beginning of 7th century of the Arab Muslim traders, who settled in Arakan. The Rohingya have been settling in Arakan from long before the British occupation of the country. In fact the forefathers of Rohingyas had entered into Arakan from time immemorial. The Burmese ruling junta do not know, or pretend not to know that the Rohingyas have a long history, a language, a heritage, a culture and a tradition of their own that they had built up in Arakan by their long and historic settlements. In fact the Rohingya have been settling in Arakan for more than a thousand year.In order to know and understand the full context of the Rohingya problems, it is necessary to know the geographical location, the population, the historical background and culture, ethnic origin, chronology of activities of Rohingya nation. People is often cited as evidence for this. U Nu's democratic administration also did recognize them and there was a Radio Programme for Rohingya.

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Rohingya Exodus