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MYANMAR committed crimes and pay compensations to CHINA

Min Khant
RB Opinion
November 7, 2017

The UNSC’s heartily and energetic effort in regard Rohingya issue, “the matter of life and death”, in the meeting hall was feel frustrated after the Republic of China’s indication to use its veto power for objection to the proposed resolution of the world BODY. 

The Republic of China’s deliberate objection to the world united proposal to have a fine UNSC resolution to go ahead to save tens of thousands of Rohingyas’ live has been a steadfast ally of Myanmar de facto leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and S.G Min Aung Hlaing. Those leaders and majority of Myanmar people want to cleanse the entire Rohingya population from their ancestral land and the Rohingyas carnage since 9 October 2016 to date have been seen and recognizable by all the people of the world.

The Republic of China has been a main GAME player in the matter of political and economic bubble of Myanmar since 1990, advocating Myanmar in international forums from taking actions by the world communities due to its crimes against humanities on all ethnic indigenous of Myanmar and nowadays CHINA has rudely shown its rebellious manner to the world accord regarding Rohingyas concern. 

Right now, as known everyone, to solve Rohingya dilemma is completely up to the United Nations Security Council alone other than pushing or directing to regional organizations such as the Association of South East Asian Nation (ASEAN), South Asian Association of Regional Countries (SAARC), Organization of Islamic Corporation (OIC) or else, because of the fact that all those continuous efforts have been fagged out by Myanmar government and the Rohingyas issue ultimately becomes as the international central problem.

Knowing in mind that, as long as the world most unsettled and complicated affairs have been discussed and reached to the unanimous agreement as final for the permanent settlement by the UNSC, nowadays Rohingyas case is similar to those of the world matters which might have been in the world history. 

CHINA’s standpoints to the Rohingya problem in the forum of UNSC , which has been merely the issue of humanitarian nightmare, has arrogantly though been attached to its economic and geo-political strategy of RAKHINE state to save and protect from any foreign powers, want the EXCUSES to step in Rakhine, MYANMAR. 

Because of the CHINA’s constant solid-stand for whatsoever Myanmar regime comes to the power since 1990 to date, the world community has failed again and again in the UNSC meetings to adopt the necessary resolutions which could have been benefiting not only the fair democratic reform and flourishing of economy in the country, and the concerted actions of the world would have saved the golden Myanmar from being swallowed, exploited, sucked, and spoiled by CHINA, the natural and Human resources of Myanmar.

Whenever the problems arise in local and Myanmar regime, military leaders are being overwrought with their killing innocent people, and burning the villages, its leaders would quickly run and approach to the Chinese leaders to save and protect from the crimes, which they have committed against the ordinary people. China has been ever ready for such THE opportunities in Myanmar and it would protect, save, and prop up for the crimes that Myanmar authorities have committed to the fellow citizens in return for CLANDESTINE compensation, it is sure, no doubt. 

Now situation of Myanmar is “to commit the multiple crimes against its people and the state of CHINA is to protect the criminals again and again in the world forum in response big reward “Strategic-ECONOMY”.

The Republic of China is the most populous nation in the world and more than one-fourth total of the world people are belong to the state of CHINA. China is a lovely country and that is why it bears one and half billion populations in it, they do lovely with one another, and promoting economic beings faster than ever before, people guess China will replace the USA, which is the world no. 1 economy, within couple of years. Things have been cheerful that CHINA becomes THE might in economy and hope leading to the world in the field of humanities. 

The Republic of China knows that the Rohingyas are the most persecuted people in the world and the consecutive governments have been committing human rights violations against Rohingyas to be driving out, segregating in their localities and at last to be annihilating them right through brutal operations after operations, which have been clearly seen via the mobile-phone shots alone by the runners during their trekking to Bangladesh, with the exclusion of world journalists and photographers. If all media of the word, journalists, and photographers were allowed to the localities, then the conscience people would have imagined how much extent of the dreadful, terrible, horrendous, and nasty scenarios would come out to the sight of the world communities.

Then, why doesn’t the Republic of China concentrate its humanitarian’s attitude to focus to the long standing suffering of Rohingyas people as in line principle of world community to have a final settlement for their peaceful, secured and dignified living in their ancestral land? 

WHY is that?

In reality, the Republic of China should behave a norm of world standard through its practical cooperation with the world community to show its understanding and compassion to the persecuted Rohingyas people rather than shielding and sheltering the oppressive and suppressive Myanmar brutal regime.

While the entire Rohingyas people, ‘the matter of life and death’ is depend on the table of UNSC, the Republic of China has to choose the right direction more willingly than promoting oppositions to the world communities who want to save Rohingyas lives and continue to live in their land with dignity, peace, harmony and security.

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