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Maldives Condemns the Atrocities Committed Against Rohingya Muslims: Will Cease All Trade Ties

September 3, 2017

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives, just a while ago, issued an official statement condemning the atrocities and acts of violence committed against the Muslim Community of Rohingya.

In this statement, the Maldivian Government expressed concern over the series of violence and condemns, in the strongest of terms, the atrocities committed against the Muslim community of Rohingya.

“The Maldives believes that the international community must act swiftly and firmly to stop the bloodshed – Foreign Ministry”

The Government of the Maldives has also decided to cease all trade ties with Myanmar until the Government of Myanmar takes considerable measures to prevent and stop the continued suffering by the minority Muslim Community of Rohingya.

The Statement also highlighted that the Government of Maldives urges the United Nation’s Secretary General and the United Nations Human Rights Council to look into the grave violations of human rights against the Rohingya Muslim Community.

The Maldives under President Yameen’s Administration, from the beginning, closely monitored the atrocious situation of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and has always, publicly condemned these acts of violence.

The Oppositional leader Mohamed Nasheed, during his regime, advocated for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi the de facto leader and the state councilor and close confidante of the President of Myanmar. Nasheed, however, remains silent on this grievous matter showing no signs of concern over the suffering of the Muslim brothers and sister in Myanmar.

The brutal acts of violence against the Rohingya Muslim community has taken the lives of dozens of Muslims and displaced thousands. These unfortunate events have forced thousands of Rohingya Muslims to migrate of out of their homes and to become refugees. The situation continues to worsen and is in need of swift action by the international community.

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