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Press Release: Human Rights Group Demands US-ASEAN Summit Address

CONTACT: Erik Leaver,, 202-556-2130

Human Rights Group Demands US-ASEAN Summit Address
March to Genocide in Burma

United to End Genocide Runs Full-Page Newspaper Ad in Sunnylands California Calling for Participating Presidents to “Take Off the Blinders – SAVE THE ROHINGYA”

Washington — United to End Genocide called on President Obama and the leaders of the Southeast Asian nations who are meeting in Sunnylands California today to stop ignoring the march to genocide in Burma against the ethnic minority Rohingya.

The group is running a full-page ad in the local newspaper, The Desert Sun that quotes a U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum report warning: “Burma is primed for future atrocities against the Rohingya, including the possibility of genocide.” Over five thousand of United to End Genocide members have signed an open letter to President Obama asking that the crisis be addressed.

“While the President’s guests tee off on the pristine golf links and dine on gourmet food in a luxury California resort, the lives of hundreds of thousands of ethnic Rohingya are in grave danger in Burma,” said former U.S. Congressman Tom Andrews, President of United to End Genocide. “President Obama and these leaders have chosen to avert their eyes and keep the crisis off of their resort agenda.”

“Refusing to put the march to genocide in Burma on the ASEAN summit agenda in Sunnylands will make President Obama and ASEAN leaders complicit in a horror that continues to worsen. There is still time to take off their blinders and act on what is a matter of life and death for many hundreds of thousands of innocent people. The government of Burma must be held directly responsible by ASEAN nations and the U.S. to stop the march to genocide in Burma.”

To view United to End Genocide’s petition to President Obama visit:

Andrews is available for interviews. Contact Erik Leaver,, 202-556-2130.


United to End Genocide is an advocacy organization dedicated to preventing and ending genocide and mass atrocities worldwide. For more information visit:

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