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Myanmar BGP police and Rakhine men killed a Rohingya in Maungdaw

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October 25, 2014 

Maungdaw, Arakan – Myanmar border guard police (BGP) have been arresting Rohingyas since last month, accusing them of communicating with a rebel group. Many Rohingya were arrested and tortured to death by Myanmar border guard police. In some reports by local activists, private parts of men were cut off and other organs were removed. 

On October 23, 2014 at 11pm, Myanmar border guard police and about 30 Rakhine men came into Kyaut Pyin Seik village (Nari Bil) and raided the houses there. The BGP was put into place after the NaSaKa forces were disbanded after international pressure and outcry over their human rights abuses. The BGP have, however, carried on the same human rights abuses as their predecessors in the NaSaKa, and they have arrested and tortured many Rohingya men in the villages, which has caused many of the men to flee from these villages for their own safety. 

Molvi Hussein Ahmed s/o Zahir Ahmed (Age 42), was a religious cleric whom was also running to escape from the torture of BGP police. He was not a villager of Kyaut Pyin Seik village. He resided, rather, in West hamlet of Kyi Gan Pyin village tract. He was visiting his sister’s house at Kyauk Seik Pyin village. 

According to his close family in Kyi Gan Pyin village, he was caught by BGP police and Rakhine men. He was tortured to death and thrown into a stream nearby Amina bazaar. His body was found by the villagers in the stream at 6:30 am on the following day. 

Myanmar BGP police have been committing crimes against humanity since the time they have received authorization from the central government as to replace the NaSaKa. According to the local residents many innocents have been arrested in the name of communicating with the rebel group, Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO). Although the organization has been disbanded and there are no credible reports of armed activities for last two decades the Myanmar government is using the organization’s name to persecute the Rohingyas.

Additional reporting by MYARF and Rohingya Eye. (Photo Courtesy: MYARF)

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