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Ten Rohingyas Forced To Serve As Porters For Myanmar Military In Bangladesh-Myanmar Border Armed Conflict

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May 30, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan – Ten Rohingyas from Bandoola village in Northern Maungdaw Township in Arakan State has been forced to serve as porter for Myanmar military in Bangladesh-Myanmar border armed conflict. 

Today at about 7 am Myanmar military battalion 353 picked up ten Rohingyas from Bandoola village in Northern Maungdaw Township to serve for them as porters. The Rohingyas will be used as porters by Myanmar military in Bangladesh – Myanmar border where armed conflict has been taking place for the past few days. 

Although the Myanmar government has been propagating that the armed conflict is between a Rohingya armed group and Myanmar border guard police in reality the conflict is between Myanmar army and Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB), according to locals. 

The persons who were forced to serve as porters are:

(1) Sayedul Amin S/o Hassan Sharif (Age 28) 
(2) Shafiqul Rahman S/o Ashraf Ali (Age 52) 
(3) Hussein Ahmed S/o Mogul Ahmed (Age 48) 
(4) Hussein Johar S/o Mogul Ahmed (Age 45) 
(5) Shamshul Alam S/o Hussein Ahmed (Age 30) 
(6) Khalid Hussein S/o Sheikh Ahmed (Age 30) 
(7) Musa S/o Mamed Ali (Age 30) 
(8) Sayed Hussein S/o Sayed Akbar (Age 30) 
(9) Mamed Sharif S/o Mamedullah (Age 32) 
(10) Shafique S/o Noor Alam (Age 48)

It is serious human rights violation against Rohingyas and these innocent people will be used as porters in the frontline where the armed conflict is taking place. As of the late night they had not come back their homes and the families are worried about their lives.

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