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Myanmar Border Guard Police Kill At Least 36 Rohingyas In Myanmar – Bangladesh Border

RB News 
May 21, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan – Although Myanmar government has claimed that there was a fight between an armed group and Myanmar Border Guard Police no evidence has been exposed yet. Now, Rohingya villagers and Bengali villagers who live nearby Myanmar – Bangladesh border claimed that at least 36 Rohingyas have been killed by Myanmar Border Guard Police since May 17, 2014.

On May 21 at 8 am No. (2) Border Guard Police Branch under No. (1) Border Guard Police supervision have killed six Rohingyas near mile post 45. Mile post 45 is located between Saleh Taung Myanmar Border Guard Police station and Asartuli BGB station of Bangladesh. The six Rohingyas were killed on the road nearby the toll gate. They were shot dead and threw roadside by Myanmar Border Guard Police. The corpses were there till Wednesday at 8 pm. 

The Bengali villagers from Bangladesh side told RB News that they heard the sound of gunfire at 10 pm on May 20 and at 2 am on May 21. They said the sounds came from mile post 38, 39 and 40. Similarly the Bengali villagers from Asartuli villager said they have also heard the firing sound from mile post 45 at 8 am on May 21. 

The Rohingyas in the border claimed that Myanmar Border Guard Police have been arresting and killing the passers-by. An eyewitness told RB News that villagers Rafique and Mubarak were among the people who got killed in the morning of May 21. 

On May 17 at 2 pm Myanmar Border Guard Police arrested 30 Rohingyas who are working at the construction of GE Regiment in mile post 53 and 54. The Rohingyas in the area said that they all were killed and 15 Rohingya villagers from Thet Kaing Nyar village are included in those victims. They said that they don’t know where they were buried by the killers, the Myanmar Border Guard Police. Two Buddhists were included when Myanmar Border Guard Police arrested people from mile post 53 and 54 but they were released promptly. 

Many passers-by have been arrested since May 17, 2 pm according to local villagers. A source of Bangladesh BGB told RB News that Myanmar Border Guard Police threw two corpses to the Bangladesh side but the outpost officer of Bangladesh BGB found them promptly and returned them to Myanmar Border Guard Police. This was in the morning of May 21.

Two countries flag meeting was held at the mile post 50 on May 21. The superintendent of No. (1) Border Guard Police supervision, police Brigadier General Tin Ko Ko, Police regiment commanders from Myanmar side and Bangladesh BGB Commander Farid attended the meeting but the discussions detail is unavailable.

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