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8 Rohingya Families In Buthidaung Forced To Vacate Their Houses By Authorities

RB News 
May 24, 2014

Buthidaung, Arakan – 8 Rohingya families living in the compound of the Buthidaung high school situated in Ward No. (1), Buthidaung Township of Arakan State were forced to vacate their houses by the local authority.

The 8 Rohingya families had been living in five houses in the compound of the Buthidaung high school for the past twenty years. Now they are forced to leave from their houses by Buthidaung Township administrator Than Shwe, according to a locals.

“The house of headmaster of the school is also inside the compound. There is a pond beside the house of headmaster. And the Rohingya houses are beside of the pond. 8 families are living in five houses for more than twenty years. They didn’t have any problem in the past. Nobody disturbed them. But yesterday Buthidaung Township administrator Than Shwe told them to vacate the houses.” a local told RB News.

“Township Administrator Than Shwe has been treating us like his enemies. As a township Administrator he has to deal us like his friends but he always rude on us. In the meetings he told us “you Kalars are nothing. I don’t consider you Kalars as human beings”. He has been insulting us racially and religiously many times. His works are based on racially.” the local continued. 

Now the eight families became homeless. They became like beggars on the road. As they were forced to leave their homes the relocation and housing should be arranged by the authority. Cruelly they are facing troubles for being homeless with no assistance. 

“If the authority does not want them to live there they must arrange for the relocation and the houses. Now these families are like beggars on the road and are facing troubles. We request the concerned authorities to arrange houses for them.” the local concluded.

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