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"Hitler and Eichmann are heroes", in the eyes of Rakhine, Myanmar

By Dr. Maung Zarni
April 16, 2014

The editorial of the Progress, the official publication of the largest Rakhine political party that has national representation at Myanmar's Parliament in Naypyidaw, (No, 12, V. 2, Nov. 2012) explicitly states Hitler and Eichman were protectors of the Germans and they were great heroes. 

The editorial says again explicitly whatever the heinous crimes patriotism requires Rakhine patriots to stop any peaceful co-existence "with the un-seen enemy" (meaning Muslims and Rohingya in Rakhine State). 

"We cannot pass on this (Muslim/Rohingya) 'problem' to the next generation any more. We need to finish this job during our time".

This is a coded and chilling message for ethnic cleansing AND a genocide. 

This message is framed as 'protecting Rakhine race, Buddhist faith and Burma's national sovereignty'.

This call for genocide is justified as something NOT against human rights because patriots are to protect their human community as Rakhine and Burmese.

The publication is littered with genocidal messages.  Vet Aye Maung, the leader of the Rakhine's largest party, now known as Rakhine National Party (before RNDP or Rakhine Nationality Development Party) argues that "Bengali" (racist reference to Rohingya) problem was a well-time detonation of 'population time bomb' by those (Islamic groups, inside and outside of Burma) that plan to swallow Rakhine-land and exterminate or purge Buddhist Rakhine.  He welcomed the violent events - mainly organized and structured mass violence by the Rakhine and Myanmar security troops against Rohingya as 'opportune' for Burma to address the underlying fundamental problem (of the need to get rid of "Bengali").

One Rakhine author stated that "some people (in a rather obvious reference to Rohingya in Rakhine State) cannot be considered fully humans.  Not everyone with a head on the shoulders ought to be considered humans.  Because they do NOT deserve fully human status, they are not entitled to human rights."

This is straight out of the slavery discourses in the United States in the pre-Civil War period where Africans were considered 3/5 human beings!

Myanmar is only about 250 years behind the world!  

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