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A Young Boy Suffering Tonsil Pain Died At Sittwe Hospital After Injection By Nurse

Two year old boy, Aung Myo Khant (Photo: Kyaw Swar Win/RB News)

RB News
March 2, 2014

Sittwe, Arakan – A young boy from Aung Mingalar ward of Sittwe, the capital city of Arakan state, who was suffering from tonsil pain died in Sittwe Geberal hospital after injection by a nurse on March 1, 2014.

A two year old boy, Aung Myo Khant, son of Maung Maung Khine, was admitted the government run hospital in Sittwe on Wednesday, February 26th. His family was instructed to admit him to the hospital by local doctors. The young boy died on March 1, 2014 at 4:45 pm. 

“He wasn’t in serious condition and needed no surgery according to local doctors. He was instructed to be admitted to the government hospital. His situation was quite alright during past three days. Here the procedure is we need to buy the required injection from outside and need to keep with the patient at the hospital. The nurse or doctor used to come to the bed at the hospital and ask the patient or caretaker to provide the injection. Then the nurse gives injection at that place.” a resident from Aung Mingalar explained about the procedure of the government hospital to RB News.

He continued “Yesterday at 2 pm a nurse came to the bed of Aung Myo Khant. She said she has to give injection. The caretaker of the patient was in fear to ask why the nurse didn’t ask for the injection from the patient. At the end the nurse gave an injection to the young boy. The boy died after two and half hours after getting the injection.”

The Rohingya residents in Aung Mingalar are shocked to know about the death of the young boy. As the boy died after the injection of the nurse which wasn't provided by the patient’s caretaker, the people in Aung Mingalar believed that the boy hadn't died normally. They have a big doubt about the nurse. As the law in Arakan state does not protect the Rohingyas they are unable to file a complaint against the death of the boy. The people said they are unable to do anything but they are very sad for the death of the boy.

Kyaw Swar Win contributed in reporting.

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