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11 Rohingyas Killed By A Rakhine Extremist Group While On Their Way To Yangon

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February 27, 2014

Minbya, Arakan – 11 Rohingyas from Minbya and Mrauk-U townships in Arakan state were killed while trying to make their way to Yangon on February 14, 20. 

18 Rohingyas from Minbya and Mrauk-U townships in the southern part of Arakan state left from Minbya for Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar on February 12th. They left with the help of two human traffickers of Chin Ethnicity. 

After two days of travel the group reached Kone Kar stream. The Kone Kar stream is outside of Minbya township. On February 14, they were found by and organized group of Rakhine extremists who are sheltering in the forest. When attacked, the 18 Rohingyas tried to escape from the group of thugs. Only 7 of them managed to get away. 11 people were slaughtered. This, according to the survivors who made it back to their villages after a few days. No injuries by the hands the Rakhines were reported by the 7.

The names of the 11 killed Rohingya people are:

(1) Nazir Ahmed S/o Molvi Abdul Jail (18-year-old) 
(2) Kala Chay S/o Abdul Rahman (17-year-old) 
(3) Maung Ba S/o Abdul Razak (25-year-old) 
(4) Abdul Mabud S/o Dudu Ali (23-year-old) 
(5) Zawna Bawdin S/o Fawzol Karim (19-year-old) 
(6) Enamul Haque S/o Mohammed Hamza (22-year-old) 
(7) Ali Akbar S/o Mohammed Akbar (25-year-old) 
(8) Mohammed Noor S/o Abu Taher (30-year-old) 
(9) Anwar S/o Noor Hasan (20-year-old) 
(10) Omar Farooque S/o Abdul Gaffar (24-year-old) 
(11) Wazi Rahman S/o Abdul Hashim (25-year-old)

As the Rohingya people in Arakan state are living in an open prison, they have no job opportunity and are facing a lot of problems for their daily livelihood. To live better, they are forced to put their lives in the hands of human traffickers within Myanmar. Many have been taking dangerous voyages to other places. Many take to the sea in boats and by foot on land. Many have been killed since 2012 while struggling to reach another destination while searching for some place, anywhere any place better then where they were.

Hla contributed in reporting.

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