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Sintetmaw Rohingya refugees camp caused fire

RB News 
January 16, 2014

Pauktaw, Arakan – The Rohingya refugee camp in Sintetmaw, Pauktaw township caught fire and more than 240 rooms were burned.

The fire is said to be caused by a woman who recently gave birth. He name is Huson Banu, 32-years-old. The fire started at 12 am today, early morning. Total 248 rooms in 31 hostels burned and more than a thousand people lost their shelters and are living in open space at this moment. The woman, Huson Banu and her husband Haniba (32-years-old) were arrested by the authorities this morning for causing the fire inside the camp. 

Most of the people who lost the shelters are from Mye-Bon township.

A Pu Chay contributed in reporting. (Photos: A Pu Chay)

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