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Rohingya Villages Administrators, Heads Of Households Arrested And Threatened

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January 17, 2014 

Maungdaw, Arakan – Four Rohingya village administrators and head of households were arrested and threatened by district police. On Janaury 16th at 8 am, Ya Ka Pha chief, district police chief and township police chief brought four Rohingya village administrators and head of households to a school situated in Duchiradan. The village administrators and head of households are from (1) Pan Taw Pyin (Nawl Bawnar), (2) Padin (Bawnawl), (3) Du Nyaung Pin Gyi (4) Pa Nyaung Pin Gyi, (5) Tet Oo Chaung (Baggona), (6) Gawduthara, and (7) Duchiradan. Three of the seven villiage administrators are Rakhine Buddhists. They brought only the four who are Rohingya Muslims. 

Four administrators and head of households were threatened by the police chiefs that they will be put in jail as punishment if they fail to arrest the culprits from Duchiradan. Then they were locked-up in a room of a house in Duchiradan and guarded by police officer Thaung Tun from 10 am to 1 pm. 

Maungdaw township administrator came to Duchiradan at 1 pm and told to the police chiefs that he appointed them as administrators because they are trustworthy. It would not be convenient if they are arrested. So they have to be released immediately. After demands by township administrator Kyi San, the Rohingya administrators and houses head were released. 

Now there are groups in every village tract, involved with village administrators, head of households, five police and a clerk from township administration to investigate and make a list of escapees that have arrived in the villages. 

According to local sources, more than 4000 Rohingya villagers from Duchiradan have been escaped since the night of January 13th. 

On January 16th at 10 am, the authorities arrested 5 Rohingyas from Du Nyaung Pin Gyi village (Shaik Ri), 15 Rohingyas from Duchiradan West village. 14 Rohingyas from Gawduthara village on arrested January 14th at 8 pm. Locals say that they estimate more than 200 Rohingyas have been arrested since the tension arose in the region.

Additional reporting by Sindi Khan.

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