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Duchiradan Village Deserted After Killings, Mutilations, Rapes and Arrests

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January 15, 2014 

Maungdaw, Arakan -- On January 12th, 2014, the village administrator of Duchiradan village tract, Aung Zan Phyu arrested Eight Rohingyas who were on their way to work in Maungdaw from Buthidaung through Mayu hill tracts. Aung Zan Phyu tied them with rope and kept them at his house. He later killed them and threw them into the gutter. A Rohingya working at Aung Zan Phyu’s house as manual labourer has seen the scene of the killing. 

The manual labourer went back to his house in Duchiradan Muslim village and informed some Rohingya villagers about the killing by Aung Zan Phyu. Then, the Rohingya villagers went to search for the dead bodies of the eight slain Rohingyas in the gutter. They did this on January 13th, 2014 at 6 pm. The villagers found all eight. Their bodies were hacked into pieces. The villagers took video of the dead bodies and took one corpse into their village in Duchiradan. Some Rakhine villagers from Kaye Myaing Natala village saw them while they were carrying the dead body. Instantly the Rakhines informed it to Aung Zan Phyu. Then they all went to police outpost and discussed the matter with police sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein. As the Eight Rohingyas were killed by all those police, village administrator and some Rakhines, they were in need to hide this crime. 

The group of police, the village administrator and Rakhines went to the middle part of Duchiradan and tried to arrest the manual labourer and the people who brought the dead body into the village. While they are doing so, they raped a Rohingya girl, the sister of a man who helped carry the corpse. As the girl and others pleaded for help from the villagers, everyone came out and quarreled with the group. The police sergeant opened fire five times. Two Rohingyas were killed on the spot. The tension heightened as more innocent people were killed. The villagers couldn’t tolerate more for torture from this group. They started with swords in hand and fought with the group. The police sergeant couldn’t escape and was killed but the village administrator and Rakhines could escape. 

After that, Maungdaw district police chief and forces arrived at 1 am on January 14th and opened fire in the air. Then. they shot at the people directly. According to local 11 people were killed in the place. All dead bodies were taken by authorities and no locals know until now where those were kept or already buried. 

On the morning of 14th January, the military officers, soldiers, district police chief, state parliament members, district and township administrators went to Duchiradan village tract and searched police sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein and his gun but they didn’t say anything about the killing of Eight innocent Rohingyas by Aung Zan Phyu. Then they arrested many Rohingya women, men and elderly from East, West, South and Middle parts of the village and took them to Maungdaw police station. Afterward, most of the Rohingya men escaped from the village. 

As the men escaped, most of the women remained in the village. The military and police searched every house in Duchiradan and Gawdusara. According to the villagers nearby Duchiradan, the dead bodies of 12 women and 3 men were in Duchiradan. The police and Rakhine group raped a women and cut off the breast of the women and hacked them into pieces. 103-year-old elderly women and her two grandchildren were killed by Rakhines in front of police. 

The Rakhines from Kin-Chaung, Bawdigone and Kaye Myaing came into Duchiradan and Gawdusara villages and took the properties and cattle belonging to Rohingyas. Although security personnel were there they didn’t stop anyone, rather they helped in looting things belonging to Rohingyas. 

The list of the people killed since January 13th night. (Eight Rohingyas killed by Aung Zan Phyu excluded in this list) 

(1) Mariam Khatoo D/o Zawmira Uddin (103-years-old) 
(2) Zahida Begum D/o Ahmed Hussein (45-years-old) 
(3) Mamed Sohail S/o Sawli Mullah (10-years-old) 
(4) Humira D/o Abdul Razak (35-years-old) 
(5) Musana D/o Sayed Ahmed (40-years-old) 
(6) Nur Begum D/o Hourmus (50-years-old) 
(7) Begum D/o Mohammed (45-years-old) 
(8) Eisi Begum D/o Sayed Ahmed (15-years-old) – hacked into 3 pieces 
(9) Abu Bakkar Siddique S/o Omar Hamid (20-years-old) 
(10) Abdul Salam S/o Abdul Shakur (60-years-old) – Gibbeted in Maungdaw after arrested.
(11) Satayra D/o Omar Miah (34-years-old) 

Beside the above list, seven children were killed. Among the seven, two were grandchildren of Mariam Khatoo. Two were grandchildren of Begum. The remaining three are children of Nurul Islam. 

The list of the people who seriously injured – 
(1) Kabir Ahmed S/o Sayed Alam (25-years-old) – Gun shot. 
(2) Amina D/o Habi Ullah (45-years-old) – broke hand and leg by beating. 

According to the people in villages nearby Duchiradan, that village is now empty. Everyone has left the village. Among from the arrestees, 2 men, 3 women and 3 children around 10-years-old are missing and unable to find out where they are. The women arrested by authorities on 14th of January were released but handed over to Gawdusara village administrator. The authorities instructed the Gawdusara village administrator not to send them back to Duchiradan. 

The authorities are instructing all villages nearby Duchiradan to report how many escapees arrived.

Additional reporting by MYARF and Sindi Khan.

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