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Thai Social Minister Paveena visits Rohingyas in Phang Nga

(Photo: Phuket Wan)
July 28, 2013

Bangkok - Social Development and Human Security Minister Paveena Hongsakul has paid a visit to Rohingya asylum seekers who are now detained in Phang Nga Province. 

Minister Paveena visited 261 Rohingyas to follow up on their problems and well-being, as the Phang Nga’s Immigration Office where the asylum seekers have been held is facing an overcrowding problem. The other problem the minister acknowledged was the communication barrier, given the Thai officials and the Rohingyas do not speak the same language and thus have to communicate with the help of an interpreter. 

According to the Minister, she is keen on eradicating human trafficking and is going to discuss the issue with all related agencies, including the National Security Council (NSC) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs to find a solution to the problem. Miss Paveena added that the Thai government has to take good care of the Rohingyas while they are still in Thailand. As for deportation, the minister said the matter will have to be well thought through.

Additional report of Minister Paveena visits Rohingyas in Phang Nag here.

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