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Breaking News: Two Rohingyas Killed by ALP

M.S. Anwar
RB News
February 26, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan- Yesterday evening, a few militants from Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) brutally killed two innocent Rohingyas in the forest beside the village of Nurulla, Baggona Village tract, Maung Daw. They were killed while they together with other four people went for fishing in the streams of the forest. 

“At 2PM yesterday, six Rohingyas from the village, Nurullah, went for fishing in the stream of the forest by the village. While they were fishing, around 12 terrorists from ALP came up and started firing at them. Two of them were mercilessly killed, whereas other four managed to escape the deaths. The profiles of the two killed Rohingyas are: 

(1) Moahmmed Rashid S/o Lal Meah (32 years old) 
(2) Mohammed Sayed S/o Amir Hamza (42 years old) 

And the other four surviving victims are: 

(1) Shomsul Anwar S/o Abul Bashar (40 years old) 
(2) Lala S/o Nurul Johar (27 years old) 
(3) Anwar Shar S/o (30 years old) 
(4) Mohammed Ridhwan S/o Ali Johar (30-years old)

According to the surviving victims, the terrorists were in ALP Uniforms and could well identify the ALP terrorists. In the normal time, ALP terrorists pretend as if the local Rakhines and sometimes, they show their real colors. At the moment, with the help of Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP), there are many ALP terrorists roaming in the forests of Arakan including that of Maung Daw and increasing unrests and the violence against Rohingyas. And Myanmar government doesn’t seem to have a clue about the destructive roles that ALP terrorists are playing” said Rohingya from a nearby village on the condition of anonymity.

News Updates: Feb 26, 2013 17:45 GMT

"Today, authority came and investigated this matter. The villagers expect NaSaKa (Border Security Force) from the camp 15, commandment Area 5, to have submitted the correct reports to the higher authority. 

But Maung Daw Police, consist of mainly Rakhine Extremists, instead of giving justice, is trying to sue back the four surviving victims for killing the other two."

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