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Lawmakers - Arresting Rohingyas Alive, Returning Dead!

Maung Than Soe (aka) Mohammed Khan

RB News
December 25, 2012

(Translated into English by M.S. Anwar) 

A Letter from a Bleeding Heart to RB News 

I, Daw Kyaut Khin at my 41, daughter of U Hla Kyaw, a widow and mother of three children, was born and brought up at the quarter of MyoThuGyi in Sittwe (Akyab), a place where we have been living for generations. On 10th June 2012, when Rakhine terrorists were killing and annihilating Muslims in our quarter, I was struggling to escape the horrific scenes with my two children (my eldest son was away from home on his trip) to save our lives. Meanwhile, my second son, Maung Than Soe @ Mohammed Khan (Son of U Maung Oo Shwe), was arrested and abducted by the two Police officers, Win Tun Oo and Than Shwe, from Police Station No.1. 

My Son was trying to escape from the hands of the two Police officers and run away as he was too frightened, he was hacked with sword by the waiting Rakhine (Buddhist) terrorists and consequently got severe injuries on his head and right arm. I could not help and do anything as Police dragged away my son with such injuries. As I was attempting to run for life with my four-year-old child with a broken and bleeding heart, we were beaten and hacked by the Rakhine terrorists. As a result, I had to get my head stitched nine times and my four-year-old daughter also got injuries on her hand. 

As I was getting treatment in hospital for the severe injuries I was given, I got a chance to see my son, Maung Than Soe, from a distance, ailing from the critical injuries. 

The lawmakers and authority of this country, feel it being in my shoes what and how I would be feeling going through such pains! I can’t explain! 

On 19th December 2012, to make my heart bleed more, only the dead of my son, Maung Than Soe, was delivered to me from the above mentioned Police Station No.1. His dead body was full of injuries resulted from the tortures by the inhumane police. 

My son was arrested 6-7 months ago and I was never given a chance to see him in the prison. I was never given a chance to provide him with foods and medicines. Which country on earth will have such lawmakers who arrest innocent people alive and return their mere dead bodies!!! 

Feel it, how much pain we, weak and vulnerable people, are going through! My father is also a pure Rakhine and my mother is Kaman. 

What fault have we done? 

Is our fault that we are Muslims?

Concerning the arrest of my son, Police had never given me any notice or any other documents. 

Is it that anybody here can be killed, hacked or chopped on mere reason that he/she is Muslim?? 

Daw Kyaut Khin 

  1. No human being could endure the physiological & physical torture that Daw Kyaut Khin has experienced
    without huge scars.Even as she tries to escape with her kids there is no mercy.
    The physical attacks are barbaric, all this because she is Muslim, just a mother trying to rear her kids.
    Daw Kyaut Khin & her fellow Rohingya have no protection from the Burmese as they torture and murder them.
    Their suffering is unimaginable & Western powers must speak out, these people are being butchered to extinction this is ethnic cleansing.
    I hope Daw Kyaut Khin is safe & being cared for

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