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Setting fire and killing Rohingyas resumes in Kyauk Taw

On 25th October, 2012, at 5:30am, thousands of Bengali Rakhine Terrorists in coalition with police surrounded a Rohingya village, Let Saung Kauk village, Kyauk Taw Township. While Rohingyas were praying their early morning prayer (Fajar Namaz) in a mosque in congregation, these Rakhine terrorists set fire initially at the south edge of the said village. Not fewer than 20 Rohingya houses were burnt down to ashes. These Bengali Rakhine terrorists are equipped with guns, most probably provided by the government armed officers, openly fired to the Rohingya mob, who are totally helpless and trying their best to escape only from the life-risk. Two Rohingya were shot to death by these Terrorist and Police on the spot. One Rohingya was seriously injured. The killed Rohingyas are identified: 

1. Bay Larl (F) U Ba Lii 

2. Son of Bi Ya Roe (his name is still under inquisition process) 

The injured Rohingya is Raha Nawddin, son of U Khin Maung, 45 years and he was fired by police face-to-face. It is a big question to everybody whether he will be alive or dead soon. His father is a pensioner of a government department. Now military is trying to control the situation in a certain degree. 

This report is compiled by basing on the telephone talk with a villager from the violence happening.

Reported by: Rohingya Youths
RB News Desk

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