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News of Rohingya in Pauktaw , Mre Bon and Kaukphyu Tsp, Arakan ,Burma

24-10-2012, Pauktaw Township

About 100 Rohingyas of Quarter No.3, Pauktaw Township were trying to go Akyab (Sittwe) by four boats which have no engines. Mean while, strong Rakhine terrorist group with a big boat interrupted and captured Rohingya boats. Terrorists transferred all Rohingya children and women to their boat. And they killed all young and elder Rohingya men in the river inhumanly. 

Only one young boy escaped from this mass killing, who being examined by the military official of Quarter No.4 of Pauktaw. About life safety for the Rohingyas who were transferred to terrorists boat is unknown. 

24-10-2012, Kyauk Phyu Township 

Rohingya village, Paik Seik Ywa (Zaillya Fara) has been burning down by Rakhine terrorists since yesterday. About 2000 Rohingyas of that village went to the sea by 50 boats to escape their lives from the mass killing by Rakhines. But another 20 boats were burnt to ashes and more than 600 Rohingyas were under mass killing, who were waiting for tidal wave to run away with those boats. 

24-10-2012, Mre bon Township 

About 1500 Rohingyas of Mre Bon (Myay Bon) township have arrived to Akyab (Sittwe) by boats, today. There had five Rohingya quarters with about 600 homes and 4500 population. All Rohingya quarters were burnt down to ashes and many Rohingyas were killed. For the lack capability of media, the information about remaining Rohingyas is not available. 

Further, six villages of Minbya and two villages of Mrauk-U Townships have been burnt down since 21th October, 2012. About 4000 Rohingya houses and dozen of religious building were burnt down. 

Reported by : Nyi Nyi Aung

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