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Breaking News of Pauk Taw township, Arakan

On 26th October, 2012 (i.e. today), at midnight around 12:30am, thousands of Bengali Rakhine terrorists had set fire on four Rohingya villages in Pauk Taw township, Rakhine State. After burning to ashes, these villages become like a cemetery now. The residents (Rohingyas) are now staying in that cemetery without shelter. The detail data are:

1. Shuli Pyin 177 households 1050 population 
2. Kyan Pyin 120 households 800 population 
3. Thèl Ywa 135 households 890 population 
4. Kya Ni Pyin 320 households 2256 population

These Rohingyas are now living without food, even no water.

Similarly, 12 boats fully loaded with Rohingyas from Ward-3 and Ward-4 of Pauk Taw, which were set fire three days ago, are now floating on the water since Nasaka did not allow them to get on land in Thèl Chaung, Sittway. These victims are now in a serious condition that they even don’t have water for consecutively three days. Keep the food away. Nasaka told the victims that Ministry of Border Affairs instructed them not to let these victims to get on land. Now, Nasaka are forcing them to proceed to Rathedaung. If they are forcibly driven out to Rathedaung, these victims will surely be killed by Bengali Rakhine Terrorists in Rathedaung. The steps that the government is taking are exactly the same as the way that was implemented in 1942 Rohingya Massacre in Arakan. The 1942 Rohingya Massacre could manage to hugely reduce the number of Rohingyas residing in Southern Arakan.

Reported by Rohingya Youths

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