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Arakan State USDP chief meets Rohingyas in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: U Maung Oo, the chief of Arakan state had met Rohingyas in Maungdaw to discuss recently happen riots in Arakan at Regional Development Association (RDA) office on September 13 at about 3:00pm, according to an elder from Maungdaw. 

“The meeting was organized by RDA and in the meeting, U Maung Oo and two Rohingyas MP- U Aung Zaw Win and U Shwe Maung were attended as special gust from Rangoon and other USDP members from Maungdaw –U Tun Hla Sein, U Soe Win, U Hls Myint and U Jangir. Thirty Rohingyas from maungdaw attended the meeting to discuss about recent situation and real fact and evident.” 

In the meeting, U Maung Oo accused Rohingya community are the first party who created the riots in Maungdaw but in Akyab, the Rakhine community are the first party, according to a Rohingya who attend the meeting. 

A Rohingya youth denied the statement of U Maung Oo. He mentioned that on June 8, the Rakhines and police forces started the problems – shouting and throwing stones - while Rohingyas are peacefully praying in the Mosque. Rohingyas complained concerned authority (police) but security force open fir to the Rohingyas where two Rohingya dead on the spot. The dead bodies were carried by the security force.the Rohingya stated in the meeting. 

“There are 1000 Rohingyas in the jail, living miserable condition and without basic rights which was denied by U Manug Oo as he had reported only 560 Rohingyas are in the Jail,” said the Rohingya youth. 

“Security force and Natala ( new settler) villagers burnt 300 Rohingyas home in Maungdaw south, looted 500 Rohingya houses where they had taken all valuables goods- gold and money – and police seized 300 Rohingyas’ motorbikes,Rakhines and security force looted 300 Rohingyas’ shops from Maungdaw and Maungdaw north ans last more than 200 Rohingyas females were raped.” 

Polic, Hluntin, Nasaka and arny are still harassing Rohingya community while the USDP high level officer visiting Maungdaw and discussing with Rohingya community season, said an elder from Maungdaw. 

In the present of U Maung Oo in Maungdaw, Natala villager with security force tried to loot a house of Rohingya from Nurullah para while the house owner ( a female) cried for help,the villagers rushed to the spot where the security open fired to the villagers ( Rohingyas). In this situation, the USDP officer didn’t do any help to Rohingya. Whenever the officer visted to Maungdaw, he made false promised to Rohingyas to get support from this oppress people .
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  1. I am a Rohingya US citizen living in US. It is crystal clear to all over the world about who committed the hate crimes, the atrocities the guity party will never admit. Instead of wasting time in our argument, Rohingya leaders should focus on solutions. What they really want in short/long terms are: restoration of citizenship that was lost in 1982, justice, peace and security.

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