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The Arrested UNHCR Staffs on Lame Reasons Imprisoned Yesterday

We are reported that three staffs of United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) arrested with no valid reason at an earlier time of violence in Arakan, Burma, were given imprisonments by Maung Daw District Court upon many criminal acts of law. Ma Cho Lay Maa, a UNHCR staff, was sentenced to six years imprisonment and other two staffs, Maung Khin Shwe and Maung Khin Zaw, from Buthidaung Township, were sentenced to 3 years and two years respectively. 

“The intention behind this unjust arresting and imprisoning arbitrarily is nothing but making the things difficult for the local Rohingyas in getting employed in UN agencies in the future” said a local from Buthidaung on anonymity. 

Recently, few staffs of NGOs and UNHCR were released from the prison. But till date, there is no information concerning other NGOs staffs arrested with wrong accusations from 8th June 2012 onward. The three UNHCR staffs, Ma Cho Lay Maa, Maung Khin Shwe and Maung Khin Zaw, penalised with imprisonments for no reasons and without any proper trial today, were arrested with the accusations of involving in the violence (which are nothing but lame accusations) started in Maung Daw on 8th June 2012. 

26th August 2012, Arakan, Burma 

RB News Desk 

Translated into English by M.S. Anwar

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