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Persecutions of Rohingyas and their Miserable Condition Continue (UPDATED)

Friday, 17th August 20012, 01:00AM 
Arakan State, Burma 

Mrauk Oo (City) 

The situation Rohingyas in 22 villages in Mrauk-Oo City of Arakan state are getting worse day by day due to lack of foods, emergency medical treatments and other humanitarian crises resulting from the boycott and blocks of extremist Rakhines led by Monks. Many of them (Rohingyas), particularly children and elderly people, are dying due to starvation and diseases. Seven people were dead due to lack of nutrition and lower blood pressure in Purin village alone. Of them, four were children aged from one to seven and three were elderly people” said Imam of a Mosque in Purin village. 

The Imam continued “authorities, in Mrauk Oo, restrict Rohingyas from moving from one place to another and blocked all the roads to the market and the city. Hence, we are unable to know what is going with our Rohinngya brothers in other villages located nearby Rakhine villages. Authorities always stand by Rakhine extremist group in attacking and killing Rohingyas. The authorities in Mrauk Oo even warned those Rakhines, who have been selling goods to Rohingyas with hiked prices, not to sell anything to Rohingyas. These Rakhine hooligans are always ready to burn Rohingyas’ houses and to kill them. Some of them even say “whatever you want to eat, eat now or you will have no time to eat later and the only way to save your lives are converting yourselves and your religion into Buddhism.” They are using such kinds of harsh words to demoralize Rohingyas who are already physically crippled. Women and Children are crying and praying to Allah to save them from the hands of these evils. And they are pleading international communities such as UN, OIC, NGOs, INGOs to have a visit to Mrauk Oo and help them out from cruel authorities and inhumane Rakhine extremists who have been on their ways to cleanse all Rohingyas from Arakan and to give them critically required humanitarian assistances.” 


An elderly Rohingya, from Kunnia Para of Maung Daw, who was released from Buthidaung jail a few days ago, said on the condition of anonymity “hundreds of Rohingyas were arrested soon after the violence (against them) on so-called charges of involving in the riot. Of them, 600 are kept in a dark room of Hostel No.2, Ground Floor under sub-human standards. The capacity of the hostel is 100 people only. They can only take shower once in a week with a gallon of water for a person. They are taken outside of the prison nude. They are provided food once in 24 hours. Till date, 43 Rohingyas died in jail with the injuries received from severe tortures. Their dead bodies were buried by a road-side near to the jail. Authorities are not returning their bodies to their respective families and that is a violation of human rights and standard. The innocent Rohingyas are languishing in jails in miserable condition for no reasons. International observers should visit Rohingyas in jails and immediate actions should be taken to help the victimized Rohingyas.” 

Breaking News: There have been fighting going on in Taung Baazar of Buthidaung Township between armed Rakhines and Rohingyas. Reports coming about the situation are uncertain. 

Maung Daw 

“Police Officer Aye Tun Sein (Ranks-one star) from Maung Daw and with his Rakhine hooligan-associates have been severely harassing Rohingya shopkeepers and pedestrians in Maung Daw. To date, around 200 Rohingyas’ houses and 170 shops were looted by them. Local administrative authorities ordered Rohingyas to resume their business and shops. On the other hand, Rohingyas can’t do so unless they give huge amount of money to above-mentioned police. The police officer arrest Rohingya shopkeepers and any Rohingya pedestrians who come to the downtown of Maung Daw to buy the necessary foods and medicines threatening that they (Rohingyas) are in the pictures taken during the riot and he (the police officer) has permissions to arrest them. Then, Rohingyas are taken to a nearby “Super Star Boarding” owned by Rakhines. There, they are kept in a room and tortured until they can give huge amount of money. 

The police seize the government-approved phones (cost 200,000 each) from Rohingya shopkeepers. Time and again, police buy the goods from Rohingyas’ shops by paying only 50% of actual price. Besides, police are extorting money from Rohingyas to build 30 quarters for police personnel. They including police superintendent of Maung Daw are demanding Kyat 30 Lakhs every month from Rohingyas” said Rahim from Maung Daw. 

“On 12th August 2012, Thaung Htut, a two star Ranking police officer, with his two Rakhine associates and 8 Hluntin (security guards) went to Bagonna village of Muang Daw and destroyed 7 houses besides looting everything in broad day light. Moreover, Military camped near Nurulla Village of Muang Daw are making Rohingyas forced-labors and making them do hard-work without any payment at all. 

On 14th August 2012, some 15 Rohingyas from Myothugyi, Myoma Kayindan, Nyaung Chaung and Pandaw Pyin were arrested by Hlutin (Security Guards). Then, Hluntin called some 30 Rakhine youths and let them (Rakhines) beat Rohingyas until they were pleased. When one of the victims from Myoma Kayindan (a trishaw driver) went to Police to complain, police replied “we can’t do any justice for you and your people. If you can’t bear up the tortures, you can leave the country” a Rohingya from Myoma Kayindan reported on the condition of anonymity. 

Breaking News: “Some 70 Rakhine extremists with weapons have come to Sainda village and HausSara Village of Maung Daw to kill Rohingyas and loot their properties a while ago (i.e. around 8pm Myanmar Time on 16th August 2012). Now, there has been fighting going on between these armed Rakhines and Rohingyas. NaSaKa have come to the village and gun-shots are being heard. It is not certain yet that NaSaKa is firing at whom. Besides, there are 50 Rakhine extremists armed with guns have come to Baggonna village and there are around 20 military at Bagonna Baazar. They have not done anything yet. But the villages are extremely worried as to what will be done to thme” reported by Ahmed from southern Maung Daw. 


“Recently, three Rohingya villages made up of 900 houses in Rathedaung Township were razed to the ground by Rakhine extremists. Rohingya victims from these villages are languishing in Mayrulla, Udaung, Aandaang and Shil Khali villages of southern Maung Daw without any foods, medicines and shelters etc. 

Breaking news: In Kalachaung village (a Rohingya village), in the evening of 15th August 2012, some unknown people fired with guns at the village. Soon after, these people ran away and the authorities could not trace who these people were. Rakhine authorities accuse that these people were Rohingyas. Why would Rohingyas shoot at their own village? Shockingly, Rakhine authorities and military are raiding the Rohingya village and killing, arresting Rohingyas and looting their properties” said a Rohingya from Aandang. 

Kyauk Taw 

Maung Myint (second name) from Buthidaung reported last week, in RuaNya Village of Kyauk Taw, 10 Rakhine Militants from an India based Rakhine militant group were arrested by Myanmar government. Seven of them were caught with guns and other weapons. One of them was their leader. It is reported that these militants were brought by Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP) members. Subsequently, three of its members are being prosecuted by the government. I wonder why Burmese media didn’t mention this in their news. 

And the displaced Rohingyas in Kyauk Taw are without any assistances and shelters. Many of them (mostly Children) have been dying due to starvation and lack of medicines. They plead the government of the country and international communities to save them from meeting untimely demises. 

Compiled by M.S. Anwar

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