Local Rakhine Authorities Profiteer on Assistance for Rohingya

RB News
July 19, 2018

Buthidaung, Arakan State -- Rakhine officials in the local admininstrations are profiteering on the assistances provided by the Myanmar central government for the violence-hit local (Rohingya) Muslims in Buthidaung Township and also barring INGOs from helping them, according to reliable sources.

Officers from Rakhine Buddhist community have occupied about ninety percent of positions in the Buthidaung Township General Administration and sixty percent in the village administrations all over the Township and therefore, making it easier for them to steal the assistances given for the Rohingyas or profiteer on them. 

According the reports, the Myanmar central government has approved health-care assistances of Kyat 30,000 to Kyat 45,000 ot Kyat 75,000 to Kyat 90,000 each for 2 months for 200 pregnant Rohingya women in Buthidaung based on the seriousness of their health. However, the Rakhine officials in the administrations have cut down not only the numbers of the beneficiaries by distributing assistances to only 100 women instead of 200 but also the amounts of the aid money by half.

Out of agricultural subsidies allotted by the central government for 85 Rohingya villages, the township administration have only distributed agricultural subsidies to 15 villages. It has also been learnt that the township administration have been barring INGOs from assisting the local Rohingya villagers.

"It appears that the Rakhine Buddhist authorities simply want us to leave this country from the way they are making every aspect of our lives difficult," said a Rohingya farmer in Buthidaung.

[Reported by RB Correspondent; Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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